Friday, November 28, 2008
Analytics on Analytics
I just searched the word 'Analytics' in top 4 search engines and the results are tabulated below:

Search Engine No. of Results
Google 123,000,000
Yahoo 248,000,000
Live/MSN 3,440,000
Ask 13,900,000

Search Engine Top 1 Search Result Top 100th Result

It is interesting to know that

  1. Yahoo has got highest number of results (almost double to that of Google's).
  2. Google Analytics has gained enough appreciation from the world and stood as No.1 search in all the engines.
  3. 100th Result (10th page Last Result) is showing the analytics companies/services
  4. Even the sponsored link for both Yahoo & Google stands the same.
In just a snapshot, Google Analytics has got enough popularity (or) rather the word 'Analytics' is integrated with Google... :)

These results make me proud, though.

Reason: I work for Google and I am part of Business Analytics (Not the Analytics Product)....
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