Monday, September 18, 2006
After a Stressful Week...
The MBA days are flying like a spark and there are tonnes of things in line. At the start of the term, I thought this term is a cakewalk as three courses are conceptual and one is quant driven and made me to assume that I will get lot of time to do things that I wanted to do. The courses are awesome, especially the Govt. Organization & Society. Both the Professors are simply superb. Many insightful things are taught in a very simple way. This term even Friday & Saturday are also tight with classes.
My ELP (Experience Learning Programme) started this term – We are doing a project for Holcim, Switzerland. For this we had to fly to Mumbai for initial project discussions.

Saturday we had to go to New Delhi for participating in a Paper Presentation Contest. But despite of our hard work and excellent conceptual paper with fantastic presentation – we lost the contest. But we took the things in positive and considered it as a learning experience. We had to satisfy with the awards given as “Regional Contest Winners”…. This hectic journey added to my sleep deprivation. Probably I may make a record of not sleeping for a long time soon….

Sunday is the only day available, but it brought a nightmare of Investment Analysis assignment and made me to wake up till 5 AM in the morning... :(

Today is rather a bad day…… I submitted the assignment and slept at 5.30 AM in the morning hoping that I will wake up @ 8 AM. But to my surprise..… I woke up at 11.30 (I have a class at 11.15 AM & our group needs to give a presentation in the class). I just rolled out of bed and ran to the class….. Hopefully I had NOT broken all the records of the previous late comers........

Also, my Business Plan is still in the Shelf and in the initial phase. I need to spend some time on it, study for my mid term exams and finish an assignment, which is tomorrow due. Also, there is an upcoming contest, which seems challenging….
The bin is full of ‘TTBD” – Tasks to be done….. Let me clean the bin and relax………………
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Memories of The past one month
It has been a month since I blogged. Though there are 'n' number of reasons, but primary reason could be my laziness. Term 3 is over and we stepped into 4th Term. When I looked back into 3rd Term, I feel that those 4 courses are the most interesting and fascinating so far. Either it is Corporate Finance or Entrepreneurship or Ops.Management or Managerial Accounting. Some important "One liners" that I liked in all these courses:

1) A Tax is a Tax is a Tax....It is Your money whether it is in your pocket or in the investments made by the company or in the form of tax that goes into the hands of Govt., (Corp Fin)
2) Keep Your Eyes open and wait for the Right opportunity at the Right time (Entr)
3) Reduce Variability.......Always (Ops. Mgmt)
4) There could be hundreds of reasons for the failure of any corporate decision, but the underlying and invisible reason could be an improper costing procedure. (Managerial Accounting)

Term break is also over. Initially I planned to do lot of things during the term break, but I could not do even one. ........Reason.......No Time....... Our paper on "Sustainable Indian Brands" got selected for the National Convention for Mangement Students - All India Management Association's Regional round and we had gone to Coimbatore for presenting the paper.

As soon as we reached there we came to know that our paper is on the top of the charts in Written round. However we couldn't prepare much for the presentation and the Power point slides were made in Airport itself. :((

And........ We won the Regional level contest and got selected for the National Level Event to be held on 16th of September in New Delhi.

Let us see what happens in the national level..................
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