Thursday, February 22, 2007
Good News....
We are blessed with a baby girl....The sweetest little angel joined us to fill happiness and joyous moments in our lives.

I got offers from top tier IT services firms as "Consultant" and I accepted one. Will be joining a new vertical and most probably in Hyderabad.


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Friday, February 02, 2007
Refreshing Memories...
Two days back - my busy schedule allowed me to see a video music album “Aaa Jaa Ve” by Sona Mohapatra. A song that amazingly captured all my childhood memories and I was stunned to see most of the impressions that are captured in my heart and soul - brilliantly picturized in that album. Great to see such creativity in the Indipop scene from an Indian artist after a long time.

My village, where I had spent my child hood - looks very similar, with the kind of houses/huts, open-air/under tree barber shop, curvy, bumpy, narrow mud roads, those very small cycle rent shops, that old- red bus, temple in the middle of the village, people sitting on the ground – listening to radio, running classes on the floor….. This song replicated those memorable snapshots exactly.

I still remember those days where we used to run behind the milk vans/movie announcement carts….. Roads were our playground. Bicycle riding means just using half the pedal. We used to play all the national and international games/sports using sticks, bricks, stones and what not? Only one house in our village had a B/W television and I still remember the song that used to be telecasted in the Doordarshan – “Ek Chidiya… Anek Chidiya….”

This song brought all those nostalgic, sweet and beautiful memories….. For one hour I forgot where I am and what I am...........And Credit goest to my Risk Management assignment - for bringing me back to consciousness………

Hmm… These memories travel with me, through me and for me all along………..

For those, who have not seen/listened the song, please give a Click Here.

Apart from the childhood memories, I personally liked the dance steps of the teacher. Should learn those steps… :-)

Interesting to know that Sona is an MBA Grad from Symbiosis and was a brand manager for Marico. Now she is a brand manager for herself with a great, fresh, peppy and nice voice……


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