Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Post MBA syndrome
Started working..... All those memorable MBA days are like those flickr photos... come to the heart and sizzle for a second and run away. When I open the eyes, it is a different world... ofcourse..this is New..... but promising.. My expectations from the world are changed... and the world's expectations are also changed......The world expects me to perform more (High quality, less time) and ofcouse at a low cost......... Am I becoming the classic example of a 'low-cost-wage-arbitrage model'? Probably YES..... I still believe in the same tag line "Dare to dream and care to achieve".... And I dared to dream...... Achieved that dream...... But what is the final result of that dream..... Nothing much.... May be I should modify the tag line to "Dare to dream and care to achieve - with the most efficient result"....

Hmm.. Still I don't understand what is happening around me? Am I becoming one among those thousands of people...... Where is the distinction and where is the differentiation..... What am I going to achieve - for me as well as for the society...... Pch...... This post MBA syndrome is really painful and I haven't got the medicine for that........

Being in the top percentile throughout my academic as well as in my professional career, did I achieve what I wanted?? How do I know?? Or Do I really know even after some time.....

It is so painful.....Whom should I blame?? Me (or) The System???? I don't know...


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Friday, May 04, 2007
Admission Info Sessions for ISB
Please go through the above schedule and participate in the Info Session, in case you want to know more about ISB and the admission process.

The updated schedule can also be found here: MeetTheAdmissionOfficer


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Thursday, May 03, 2007
Baby Name....
This is the unsolved question in my mind from the past 3 months. We initially planned to do the naming ceremony of our baby in her 3rd month in Tirupathi. But this terribly hot summer forced us not to take the baby out of Hyderabad and we had to plan for the 5th month.

Though we have already decided on the name of our baby, we are yet to find out the prefixing name that starts with “Jay”. As per our baby’s birth star (Sravana, which is also the Birth star of Lord Venkateswara), her name should start with ‘J”, (Pronounce it as “Jay”). We googled, yahooed, consulted hundreds of friends and relatives for the best name.

Finally these are the two names that we sorted out as prefixing names: Jaythri, Jayshna

If anyone can help us with getting some more good names…….. A treat is assured. :-)


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Reality Versus Idea
One interesting card from another blogger..
worth mentioning.....

But I feel something is missing...... What if ..........."A!=B"........


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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Article on Acquisition Integration approaches..
Today I came across the following article while browsing through 12manage.com.... Interesting and thought of sharing with all..
Here it is...
This Summer I am feeling very hot in Hyderabad... Last year on the same date, I was in ISB - enjoying my orientation and Term-1 beautiful...green..ISB world...
Now the summer is irresistable. :-(

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