Sunday, July 30, 2006
Take-aways from ENTR Class
Entrepreneurship Class:

Though the course's main objective is not to make everyone an entrepreneur, it can provide sufficient tools and pointers to think about Entrepreneurship. It says "What to do and what not to do?" but doesn't say "What to do?” Also, we are very fortunate to have
Prof. S Venkataraman, who is an entrepreneur by heart.

The Lesson that touched my heart is - the Ruth M Owades case (Very famous HBS Case). The case is about Ruth, who is a well qualified, top rank employee, who wants to pursue her entrepreneurial life. She will be left with three options front.

The class discussion is to evaluate the best among the three. Most of us looked conservative and concluded that 'she should wait for one more year and do some more analysis', which I strongly differed for the reasons - waiting for one year doesn't add much qualitative data. The more analysis we do, the more information we need, which makes it as 'Analysis Spiral' and the bottom line is "no decision will be made". Prof. gave some important insights, which I feel are the major take-aways from the case.

(1)There should be proper balance between 'Bias for Analysis’ & ‘Bias for action’ and thereby minimizes the tendency to consider ‘opportunity’ from an objective point of view. It also makes sense to spend your imagination before you spend your money.

(2) Spend your imagination before you spend your money. Keep the investment as minimum as possible - always there is an option to exit.

(3) Decisions are not number based all the times. Sometimes we need to go with faith.

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Monday, July 17, 2006
DMOP Exam & the consequences
Couldn't resist posting the following cartoon sent by one of my batch mates after today's DMOP exam. (DMOP - Decision Models & Optimization theory). Believe me..

Except a few, most of us felt the same after coming from the exam.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Exams, Exams & Exams
Term-2 end term is starting from Monday. 4 exams and 2 days.
Some open book and some or not.
Some quantitative and some qualitative.
Some require lot of reading and some require some thing more than that.
Me....Busy in reading.. So no blogging till Tuesday.
Let the GOD help me in getting some decent grades.

Came across a nice poem on Exams written by a MBA student, - perfectly fitting into our situation.

"When exams are near,
they cause a great fear,
because things aren't clear
and some subjects aren't dear.

Chapters and chapters,
haven't been read,
problems and problems,
haven't been done.

Some revise and re-revise,
some see for the first time.
Some are cool and calm,
some are tense and down.
Everything happens!

For some luck comes by,
for some it dosen't,but,
for the cool and calm guy,
it's always gonna be high!"

Let me be the lucky one.......

Wish Me Good Luck for my Exams.....
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
I am tagged....
I am tagged....

I have been tagged by my friend Kapil Mantri. It is my turn to complete the following sentences and to tag another friend to this network.

I don’t know whose original idea is this, but I really appreciate the fact that writing this helps in achieving two things. One – it gives a fair idea about me to the people who visit my blog and second – I can see what I wanted to do.. :)

I am thinking - therefore I exist…. “Cogito ergo sum”.
Then What am I thinking? Well........... How to be a billionaire?

I said Dare to dream and care to achieve it.

I want – to spend time with my beloved better half.

I wish – to be myself.

I miss – my Engineering days and friends.

I hear – the Song of victory.

I wonder – why....only 24 hours make a day?

I regret – Nothing.

I am – a Hero. (Will rise soon)

I sing - “You fill up me senses” by John Denver

I dance – in parties.. Of course with lot of passion.

I am not – good in Prioritization of things.

I write – from my heart.

I hate – hypocrites

I confuse – always between 1 million and 10 million.

I should – Study Now… It s exams time..

I tag - My Friends Sabya, Anu, Shivangi.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Its CP Time
Good Morning....
All set?.......
Eyes are red...Rolled from Bed just now?
Usual & Casual warm greetings and smiling faces.......

Just before the start of the class.
All set in their seats with the half awake eyes, tired faces.......Class starts @ 8:15

Lecture started with review.. Some Pre-Read enthusiastics showing their activeness in raising their hands and trying to draw the attention of Professor. Professor turns his/her head entire room - skipping the enthrusiastic souls (Probably they are in invisible mode). CP-Starter gets the chance, opens the case, speaks, speaks and speaks. Few seem to be happy, few wanted to counter, few blank faced (Busy with other activities the previous night and no time for pre-read), few trying to understand very quickly from the book infront, Prof. nods the head, TA busy in ticking...Overall..everyone is busy. Prof. says 'Good'. CP-Starter- winning smile.
Now some other disturbance from the other corner. All turned their head that side. Only Lip movement and no sound from that side.. Oh.. It is 'Silent CP'.... Prof. is trying to understand through the lip movement and others trying to interpret what is going on? some discussion and some understanding in between. Some conclusion and some understanding..
Prof. moves towards our wing. Dozens of hands are up. Prof. Sees all of them and looks over the wall clock and says.. lets move on and starts explaining the things. Atmosphere is so encouraging to sleep. Half of the class slowly closes the eyes. Suddenly there is big sound at another part. One left hand raises....Oh.. This is British CP. (This CP mainly focuses on the Exhibits, data and statistics at the end of the case in British Accent). TA again busy in ticking against the names. Junta stated closing eyes.
Then one hand from the extreme back seat...All heads turned and all eyes wide opened. "As we are discussing about ____, how about having a coffee break?" All eyes open widely.. lips expanded with big, bigger and biggest smiles.............. Prof. sees the clock and says 3 minutes Break. Time to drag oneself to the Life Saviour Coffee Vending Machine outside the class room. Everybody asking the other: "Abe Panch kee Sikka hai kya?".. Nahin Yar.. Woh aadmi shaayad hoga baahar? All running out for the "Amrut a.k.a. coffee". CP Kings and Queens move towards the Prof. pouring questions and questions. Prof. patiently answered their questions. 5 minutes became 10 minutes.
People gear up with energy and occupy their seats. Suddenly one voice from back. Its CP time again. One voice starts... Except the commonly used prepositions/pronouns..nothing turns out to be understanding from the flow. Hmm.. Its Missile CP.(The entire CP goes above the heads of most of the class). Prof. looks at him, says to repeat...The un-understood poor souls thamped the desk to show their inability in understanding.
Prof. mis-interprets the meaning of thamping, says "Good Question" and explains. Missile CP seems happy.
All Happy for the end of the missile war...
Some turn towards the wall clock and see their watches........
In the mean while Graphical CP & Example CP also complete their CP's.
Slowly and very very slowly the class ends.... CP also ends....
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