Sunday, October 29, 2006
There are only 24 hours
From the past two days...... I am running with time.

Morning: ELP Presentation to our Peer groups, which took half-a-day.
Afternoon: PaeV Group meeting on making powerpoint presentation of our B-Plan.
Evening: MAPI Class by Dr. C. Rangarajan.. (Awesome class)
Night: Again Group meeting on fine tuning the presentation
Mid Night: Options & Futures Assignment
Late Mid Night: Preparation of Resume & EOI
Early Morning: Sleep

'Yesterday' became 'Today'...

Early Morning: MAPI class by Dr. C.Rangarajan
Noon: Assignment, which was due @ 5 pm.
Afternoon: PaeV B-Plan Presentation till evening. (We rocked)
Evening: GMST assignment.
Now: Assignment still continues........
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Friday, October 27, 2006
Innovation Challenge results are Out today.............. We missed the finals just by a whisker............

Missed an opportunity to go to US..........

Life sucks.........Not sure what is there in the Bin and don't know whether there is something in the bin waiting for me or not???

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
It is a loss for GE

Yesterday we had an internal presentation given among a 'few' group of students who were competing in participating in GE DAY contest. GE gave a problem on providing 'water solutions' to rural India and a few teams from our campus wanted to participate. As GE restricted only 2 teams from one Institute, some filtration has to be done and this resulted in conducting an internal competition.

No idea what happened and how it happened? But it happened..... We were not selected for the event. An amazing idea with foolproof method, substantial information and an excellent presentation could not win the hearts of our fellow team members... It is our poor team who spent considerable amount of time in preparing the plan and it is me who spent the entire night making a beautiful presentation and it is my fellow team mate who presented it to the fullest impactful (As I am still in the mouth-ulcer phase, I was just standing on the dias).

The sad thing is that we were rated the least. Is it because of the personal bias or is it because of the argument we had undergone before the presentation start?

God Knows.. I should not blame anyone and I am not blaming anyone.

But even to this second, I still think only one point......... It is Not a loss to me, Not a loss to my team and Not a loss to my college - but definitely it is a loss for GE, who could not listen to our idea.......... a definite loss for them........... But ofcourse what else can they do! They put the decision making in some other's hands and it happened...........

Disclaimer: No offense to any one.

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Friday, October 20, 2006
Me, Mouth-Ulcer & Diwali

Fifth Term started with jet speed. Though we haven't formed our study groups yet, the assignment submissions are due today. ELP is going well and we are happy with our analysis. Let us see what results we get? From one week, I am having health problems. Got 'mouth-ulcer', which neither allows me to speak nor allows me to eat. Adding to my problems, I had a presentation to be given for our Entrepreneurship project. With the painful throat only, I had given the presentation. I think the presentation went well.

Yesterday we had a session with one of the top tier consulting companies and this is one of those firms that I have a strong interest to work. :) And of course this presentation is one of the best. After the session I had an opportunity to meet those guys and sit for some time and they clarified lot of doubts of mine & my peers and the insights were very good. Also, good to interact with my Alum, who is working in the same firm. But the sad thing was my 'mouth-ulcer'. I was praying GOD to help me in relieving my mouth-ulcer pain so that I can be comfortable in interacting with them and somehow I managed to speak clearly. :)

Everybody is celebrating Diwali here and I also desperately want to go home and spend time with my family. But an assignment on Fixed Income is staring at me and giving me a warning signal about the 5 PM deadline....................

Wishing All a Sparkling & magnificent Diwali.......... Hope this Diwali brings not only lights and colours to the house, but to the lives also...

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Friday, October 06, 2006
ByeBye Fourth Term.....

Term – 4 Exams are Over….except One, which is postponed…...

The battle against the papers is over. This entire week is term break….. Most of friends are going back home to tell their loved ones how they survived in this exam war.. LOL….

I need to sleep more to replenish the hours awake in the trenches while words like arbitrage, market efficiency, fama-french, HDI, HPI, PDI……were bombarding all around me. Results of this battle war will be made known in next term and let us all pray for a resounding victory!!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Me & MGTO Exam.......

This is what happened in Today's MGTO exam!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
In the world of Ambiguity...
This is a world of multiplicity, which I am trying to simplify in order to be consistent with myself and live peacefully with myself. By ambiguity I understand a world full of contradictions. Am I living in a world full of contradictions? I don't know....I am still trying to find my own path and my own truth, which I don't pretend it's the only truth.

You may think what is ambiguous here:
I mean.......I really mean….... Exams..............
Three out of four subjects are qualitative and everything seems to be so ambiguous...........Working hard(smart) alone doesn't help to come out of this ambiguity.......
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Kabhi Alvidha Naa Kehna!!!!
Term-4 curtains are falling and the core terms are over. Six months….Seventy odd souls sitting under one roof in one section are now parting……… Today is the last day of our Section-C…… During these six months…. There are tons and tons of memories that can be carried forward life long…. At the end of the class our beloved Disco (Sumeet) with Tanmay (Tanmay, the wizkid, is the Son of our classmate - Piyush) performed some guitar numbers and “Kabhi Alvidha Naa Kehna” made few of us to tears. Though Management courses revolve around rational thinking – I feel that our emotional component is still at higher stake. Finally Jaggi presented a short movie that captured most of our section memories – whether it is dunking, arbit CP, partying, ethnic dress, formal day, tapori day, pakoda party or football. In each of these occasions our section spirit is high all the way. It is really wonderful to be in such a nice community……… Now the journey is taking a turn and giving me an opportunity to meet new friends and make new networks…. After all we are the passengers of a long lasting journey….

But...Friends......Kabhi Alvidha Naa Kehna!!!!!!!
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