Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas.....

Back from Chennai. Participated in Yale-Greatlakes International Conference on management. It was an amazing experience. Hospitality, speakers and the chief guest…all are amazing. Indra Nooyi was the chief guest for the session. I am the inaugural speaker in one of the two parallel sessions and my paper was appreciated very well. Lot of people asked me about the work and my research.

Lot of Telugu people are studying in Greatlakes. Nice to interact with them and I made lot of friends. Overall – experience is really fantastic.

This week is the final week of Term-6. Out of the four subjects, three are ‘take-home’ exams. But take home exams are really painful. They kill the entire time. Even my ELP presentation is scheduled in two days and I have to travel to Mumbai. Activities lined up for one kilometer. :)

ISB launched ‘ISB Radio’ for internal community. Very good initiative and lot of fun-filling. Lot of friends are becoming RJs. Lol…..

Yr 2006 is closing its book. This year is a phenomenal year in my life…

Summary of this year in next post……..


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Today’s FENG Class
Every class is a bouncer and when I sit in the class, I feel like watching a hi-fi science fiction movie where all the greek letters moving around me with flashing lights and sigmas, deltas, gammas, phis, revolve around me at lightening speed.

And today’s class is no exception. I tried to attend the class with protecting wear (Pre-read) but yesterday’s two assignments didn’t give me a chance to wear the protection layer. The class started with usual ‘greek & latin’ and I was putting my entire energy focusing in understanding what is being taught. Some missiles are going at ear touch distance and some are going far way ahead. Very few are touching me and I am nodding my head as a sign of understanding.

Prof. was asking questions and very few are attempting to connect to his questions. For some questions, there was no body – then Prof. started cold calling. He is not picking randomly but picking those who are nodding their heads. God! Should I nod or should I not? I understood that logic very early.

For the next half of the session – I sat like a statue. Though I could understand the most, I was not confident in answering any question. There was no movement in my body...except the movement of my eyes - peeping into the watch.

As soon as the class is finished, I jumped from my seat to the door in just three steps and convinced myself.........Next time "Padke aanaa hein".........
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Monday, December 18, 2006
Placement Fever
Though there is some time for the placement season to begin, entire campus is gearing up with the tools and preparations. Mck, BCG and other top tier consulting firms poured lot of gyan on resumes, interview preparations, Dos and Don’ts through workshops and presentations. Focus groups are formed across and started cracking the cases. We also formed a group called ‘Operation Fly Count’. (At the lighter side Quadros & I discussed a case when the other group members didn’t turn up: Count the number of flies in the Library) My resume is running at version 22. Probably I will name it as Catch-22.

All of a sudden there is a paradigm shift in the focus of the students from ‘Grades’ to ‘Placements’. Term-6 is going at ‘early morning breeze’ experience – I mean no hiccups and mad rush submissions. I really enjoyed the Mergers & Acquisitions course. What a wonderful analysis of each acquisition??? This is one of the best courses that I had enjoyed at ISB.

Also, one interesting thing is that the entire ‘Finance’ gravity is centered in Terms five and six. I had Options & Futures, Fixed Income, Adv.Corp Finance in Term-5; Financial Engineering, M&A in Term-6 – heavily loaded with finance fundas.

How far I can apply in real corporate world – time will decide..

Term-7 bidding was also over and luck played a devil’s game. I bid for 5 courses and got 2. Two courses – Capital Raising Strategies & Negotiation analysis are in the waiting bin, which I am very much interested in.

One interesting update is – one of my seniors, whom I admire and respect the most, Vijay, is leaving his consulting profession and joining corporate bank. Though there could be many obvious reasons, I think it was a very tough decision. Kudos.. Vijay...

We have the alumni meet this weekend, Solistice i.e. on 24th. But I am not sure whether I will be in campus or not. My research paper got selected for presentation in Yale-Greatlakes International research conference, Chennai. Still thinking whether to go or stay back in Campus to attend the Alumni meet?


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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Prime Minister @ ISB
Yesterday, on December 5th - Centre for Global Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies hosted "The Global Logistics Summit (GLS)" and was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh.

Please click the below links for more details....



Our School Website

PS: Many of my friends commented about the ‘new style’ of my blog and wanted me to change to the original style. So am back with original getup.


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Friday, December 01, 2006
What's Happening at ISB?
Lot of things. Two days back Center for Analytical Finance conducted a “Capital Market Conference”, which was a huge success. Mr. Uday Kotak, MD of Kotak Mahindra Bank, was the key-note speaker. The panel discussions were awesome – moderated by Professors Sankar De (Advanced Corporate Finance) and Srinivas Kamma (M&A: Corporate Control) – Speakers are the Business heads from Goldman Sachs, Kotak, Morgan Stanley, IDBI, Ambit, Enam, Deutsche Bank. ..............Great perspective building exercise on Indian Capital Markets.

Tomorrow is the long awaited ILS…. 30 CXOs on this platform to share their views on diversified themes and I am a volunteer in one of the themes.

More details @ ILS Meet.

ISB is celebrating its 5th birthday this week. So many events lined up for this weekend.

PS: Many assignments too………….


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