Friday, April 27, 2007
Taking a LoooooonG Break!!
From the past 15 days......... No work. This idleness has created lot of emptiness - emptiness because of missing those memorable days of hectic academic schedules, friends, assignments, group meetings, projects, On-bench-discussions, late night submissions and what not..........
Coming out of that world is like - a fish taken from a beautiful fresh water pond with flowers, leaves and warming sunshine - and putting on a hot, muddy, sandy desert.
Now.....Coming to my world – which is full of “Vuk-Vuk-Vungas”, which is the language of my cute, little angel – I am not getting time to do other things. Hectic life here too…. Changing diapers, playing with my baby and roaming out…..

Will be joining my company on 14th May…. Life will take another turn from that day….as…..Post MBA career……….


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