Friday, September 28, 2007
Travelling to Tirupati
Tonight I am leaving to Tirumala for taking the blessings of Lord Venkateswara. Will blog once I return back. Till then..... Happy Weekend!!!!


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Right-of-Choice Vs Right Choice
Everyone accepts the fact that we have the right to choose and everyday we make 'n' number of choices - some choices are fun, some are difficult and some will hurt us. We enjoy that right of choice. However the problem doesn't exist there.

It is with the 'right choice' and this dilemma popped into my mind few months back (Post MBA syndrome). Am I taking the right choice or blindly enjoying the right of choice?

When I felt happy for the right of choice, I thought - Do I have the confidence to choose it wisely. Because at the end of the day, the wise choice can surely lead me more towards the awakened heart. I met many people who think they are free and they never tested this theory. They looked like flies for me, which are caught in a web. As they don't try to move, they convince themselves that they could - if they aspired to. What a big lie it is???

Without questioning or challenging the rationality of the choice, one cannot do the reality check and perpetuate the illusion forever.

Why am I thinking all these things?

Because the end result of my cognitive analysis says that I have not taken the Right choice in choosing my career.

Now it is time - to correct my choice and move ahead....And thats what I am doing....

Are you smelling something here????


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Monday, September 24, 2007
Reflections on a heart-touching writing piece...
There was a big storm in a sleepy Indian village…soon followed by flash floods…and everything was lost to the fury of nature. A father and his daughter about 11 years old made their way through the stormy night. There was little hope as the water level was rising and the wind was strong. The two still managed to get closer to a lone bridge which was creaking and about to be washed away...any moment! …

The father looked at the sky to say his prayers …almost fighting with the God.The daughter looked calmly at her father…

The father ...almost in tears but with invincible surge to save his daughter somehow his daughter…HOLD MY HAND TIGHTLY AS WE CROSS THE BRIDGE….

The daughter smiled….even as the lightning stuck and the noise of gushing water doused their voices..and she screamed back….DAD!! YOU HOLD MY HAND…

Father Said …WHY?



This simple and small piece of article reflects the enormities of love and highlights the purity in this bond - which is 'The-Closest-to-GOD'.

When a child grows up…she cognizes her father the way the father’s heart is. But not the way….the world perceives the opinion.

That is the strength and purity of the bond...


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Yet another Dull Day

Till evening, day was perfect. It happened all of a sudden. We finished our dinner in a near by restaurant and way back to home. One RTC bus was behind our car and there was not much traffic. All of a sudden one black car came at our back and started horn. So irritated with that, I gave right indicator and found a gap - signalled the bus driver behind and came into that space.


That Bus fellow rashed his bus and hit my car, without even considering my constant appeals of electronic & hand signals. By God's grace - Nothing happened to my family, but car was scractched on door and couple of other places. I got down the car and tried stopping that Bus driver. He didn't stop the bus and ovetook my car and left immediately, despite of the damage he created. It was dark and I couldn't see the bus number....

If a person, who is in responsible government driver position, is behaving with such an attitude, what happens to the common people. I know.. He can't be punished and he can't be even questioned........... What a system is this? Whom to ask? I have to spend 10K for my car repair. My hard earned money spending for some body's fault....

GOD!!!!!!! Are you listening????????????


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