Friday, April 28, 2006
First Post from ISB
My First post from ISB. ..........

The few questions that were popping in my mind before coming to ISB - How will be the experience, how is the structure, how is the system and the learning model. Guys! Let me share the hidden bottom line here: ISB is Amazing. Just amazing. After going through the first two weeks of intensive orientation and knowledge sessions from the Alums I found an anology.

How will an hungry soul feel when he enters into a Buffet hall with full of mouth-watering dishes & the world best nutritious, apetizing food. Same with me. The infrastructure, the faculty, the library, the alums, the organization structure and the vision.... Everything is amazing and it is, our(hungry soul's) duty to eat as much as we can in this one year. Yes. The year is tough.. in terms of the pace at which the things will work. Every second we spend here is just a simulation of what we are going to do after one year. What will we do for a company, how will we help the society, what will we give back to the society......... all these things are implicitly learnt in each activity we do and each step we take. Yes!!!!! ISB Rocks.................
Lot more to write...... and Belive me..... I cannot put what I feel about my School in words and everything is beyond the words and the expectations. It is "ME" who has to get the maximum possible output from the school and ISB has offerred us 'more' than what we can take......
If one comes with one vision direction, he can get 360 degrees of vision to see the world....

YES................. We are ISBites....Till we die....................
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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Random Scribblings
Finally got the Loan approved from HDFC. A big relief.. Now my To-Do List is becoming very very small. Ha Ha ha......Bought Lapsy and had eye-checkup. Took new pair of glasses. Just one day left to step into ISB.

My dearest friend had an Interview with Simon. I hope he did well. No news yet...from him....but I believe he might have rocked the interview. Dude! All the Best!!!!

Just staying @ home, watching TV, eating, sleeping, browsing, shopping...........What NOT???
Doing Nothing & Doing everything....................

Started packing the things to ISB. 'Chalo ISB'......


Next Blog follows from ISB...........
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Business Technique of a local Compter Shop
Yesterday I went to the local computer bazaar - a street full of computer shops: sales & service, assembly - what not? After a thorough search of 10-15 shops for 2 hours, I finally decided to go to a shop(My first time visit to that shop). Discussed and happy with the deal and ordered for my lapsy. Myself and my friend were enjoying the conversation with the sales person over there and got an interesting business concept in selling the assembled PC's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it follows:-

1)Customer visits Shop - X and gives his spec/configuration about the PC he wants.

2)Sales person gives the price details of each item and gives a quotation. The price range of each item is very reasonable and no other shop offers at that price.(Even Shop-X will not get good profit on this quotation).

3)Customer looks at the list and nods. Says to the Sales person: I will come back after some time. His idea is to go to other shops and get a price below than this shop's price. Customer doesn't know that he will not get a better price than this. But still he will go out of the shop and goes to other shops. There are around 100+ shops in that bazar and everywhere the price is a bit more than Shop-X's.

4) Customer gets tired and his impression on Shop-X piles up. Once he reaches the break-even point, he will stop going to these other shops and walks IN to Shop-X.

5) Customer directly meets the same sales person and expresses his interest to buy the PC.

6) Sales person starts processing the order and starts explaining the customer about the problem with each item the customer ordered and suggests to go for a better model.

7) Customer is already impressed and says YES for modifying the spec as per the suggestion given by the Sales person.

8) Sales person adds his profit margin in these modified items and increases the price. Customer has NO way. He is already tired and doesn't want to go back to other shops, which he already refused. He accepts the deal.

9) Now the bottom line is that: The total price of the PC is same in all the shops and Shop-X got the deal.

Ha Ha Ha............The lesson that No B-school teaches............
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Monday, April 10, 2006
Back from a LooooooooooooooonG Trip
Just now back from a long pilgrimage Tour - Shirdi, Tirupathi, Kanipakkam, Vijayawada, Srisailam and many more temples around. Journey was very tiredsome as Sun showed his ultimate power on poor sweating souls like me. Overall - Trip was very Good and took the blessings from all the Gods. Except a few hiccups like - catching the train at the last second, staying in the temple till the departure time of the bus - rushing, running, sweating....... everything went fine. Am Back Home :-)

However, a funny thing happened when we were in a boat ride in Pataaala Ganga, Srisailam. Patala Ganga is an another name for River Krishna and it flows between hills and the scenic beauty of that location cannot be described in words. We were in a non mechanised boat, semi-spherical in shape made with some bamboo sticks. We were in the mid river enjoying the ride and listening to the explanation given by the boat rider.

Suddenly my Mobile rang.................Hats off to the mobile communication. 450 Metres deep river, surrounded by many hills and trees, far away from the land........Still I am connected to the world. I saw the number, a new number that I don't know from whom it is.

Me: 'Hello'.

The other side: Good Afternoon Sir! I am XXX calling from XXX Bank. Do you hold our Credit Card? If not, please take our Credit Card Sir!!!!!"

Me: *&(&^^%%^$^$

The other side: No Sir!!!! It is really a good offer for you!

Me: Sorry Ma'm. I am in an Urgent meeting now. Could you please call after some time!!!!!

Every one in the boat.............Laughing.....Laughing.... & Laughing :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Me: $^%$^%#*)(*)**() again!!!!!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Placement Statistics @ ISB - Class Of 2006
A nicely composed 'Placement Statistics Sheet' taken from my classmate ;)

• Record International salary : USD 233,800 ( INR 1.04 crores)
• Average International salary : USD 120,700 ( INR 53.5lakhs)
• Highest Indian salary : INR 30.34 lakhs
• Average Indian salary : INR 11.77 lakhs

Placement Statistics for Women:-
• Percentage of Women Students in the Class of 2006 : 19%
• Highest International salary for a woman student : USD 223,400
• Highest Domestic salary for a woman student : INR 20 lakhs
• Average salary for a woman student : INR 9.89 lakhs

Percentage up in Highest Salary over 2005:-
• International : 29%
• Indian : 44%

• Total number of offers : 425
• Number of Lateral offers : 424
• Number of International offers : 42
• Number of Indian Offers : 383

Placements Summary:-
• Total number of companies that participated in the Placement process : 143
• Total number of students participating in the Placement process : 328 out of 345

Leadership Positions in companies:-
• VP – International Marketing
• Head – Marketing
• International Country Manager
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