Sunday, November 26, 2006

Am Back and Term – 6 Welcomes!!!

Just now back from home after a short and sweet two day visit........Back to pavilion…

five terms are already over and Term Six starts from tomorrow…. Wow….

This term is starting with Financial Engineering for me.

A serious warning mail came already - to attend the classes with enough pre-read….… Hmmmm…

Timings of the classes are also comfortable for me – giving me enough time to sleep in the morning… (Am not an early riser)… Each day two classes….. starting from 12.30 on Monday and 10.15 on Tuesday.....Cool....Will post about my experiences of this term in later posts....


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Friday, November 24, 2006
Do-Din kaa Term Break

People say.......What is Term Break?

Hmm.. Makes sense. When we have ELP presentation tomorrow and project submissions till today, hardly two days are given as Term break. :(

But after a long time.. Our Section-C met and enjoyed. Captain VP invited us for ‘Ghar kaa Khana” dinner party tonight. I don’t know how much time they would have spent in preparing so many varieties. Amazing food and jokes in between. I laughed continuously for one hour till my stomache started aching. The food was topped by our beloved ‘soldier’’s chocolates that he brought from US. Sachin & Johnson were in full swing and cracked unlimited jokes. Hats off to their Sense of Humour. :)

Everybody moved from their home to the pool for dunking Laks, Imran as they are celebrating their B’day. Poor guys.. Lots of bumps on their back… I think it takes time for Laks to stand straight. Lots of snaps and cakes… Good Fun…

Now sat for one hour and prepared for tomorrow’s ELP presentation. Work is done and now time to sleep. From the past one week I haven’t slept blissfully…

Sweet Dreams.. ZZZzzzzzzzzz


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Monday, November 20, 2006
Where are the Options?
End term........As usual "Nightmare".......
As of now - No Options on my Futures!!
Tomorrow - Income F-I-X-E-D...!
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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Memorable Snap

Our class Photo with Dr. C. Rangarajan, who took "Macro Economics & Policy Instruments" classes...... (Click.......On the snap to see the bigger image)
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Friday, November 10, 2006
Life full of Finance Courses

When I joined ISB, I thought of majoring in Strategy or Marketing. But during the core terms after studying Corp Finance & Investment Analysis, some how I developed fascination towards Finance. Probably because of the Professors who taught these subjects.... This made me to think towards Finance major.

My First Elective term (Term-5) is going on now. Out of the 4 subjects, I have taken 3 Finance courses. Advanced Corp Finance, Fixed Income and Options&Futures. Handling three Finance courses in one term is a bit tough – different strategies, different analysis, different cases, different assignments at different tough levels – but submissions at same time. But still I am enjoying the subjects very much. Day by day I am feeling that Finance is well suited for me – who likes analysis, derivations, numbers and math. This term is on the verge of finishing and we are asked to bid for next term courses. Again Finance courses won my heart. Corporate Control - Mergers & Acquisitions, & Financial Engineering are the subjects I had chosen. Waitlisted in 'Financial statement analysis'. The list is so long and I doubt my chances of getting this subject. If I would have got this course, by the end of term-6, I would have done my Specialization in Finance. But the distance increased by one more term.

Many seniors told me that Financial Engineering is the toughest of all the subjects as it deals with complete numbers, derivations and analysis.

Still…. My love towards quantitative subjects and passion towards numbers drove me to take this subject. I can finish my MBA without taking all these courses – and I can do major by taking some other Finance subjects – but what is the thrill and ultimate learning experience without experiencing the core of finance.

I am sure.. Next term is going to be t-o-u-g-h. But where there is a challenge, there is thrill and where there is effort, there is the fruit.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Options & Futures

The subject is not about various options for my future. I have a mid exam day after on the same subject. Lot of finance jargon.. Forward contract, option premium, Binomial model, Black scholes, and lot more...........

One more update.......... I was short listed for Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (WGCP) project and attended an interview with our Deputy Dean.

But bad luck... I was ........ One sadddddd..... story and one more experience. People say it is a learning experience. May be......

I should come out of all these happiness, sorrow, joy, sad and all these things.. But can I?? Surely I can't.. I know my attitude cannot take me to that meta physical emptiness state.... anyways..... I treat this also as a learning experience and move ahead...........

So let me focus on this mid term and see what all the available options for me are and let me decide my future based on this!!!!!!!

Mood: Nidravastha......

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